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Treatments with Janey - The Organic Therapist 

Aromatherapy Massage 1 hr 15 | £78

A full body bespoke Aromatherapy massage. Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage enhanced by the therapeutic properties of  plants, flower and herbs within Organic essential oils, the therapist will create a bespoke blend with you on the day following your consultation and intuitive choices of oils. 

Aromatherapy is a slower paced holistic treatment. 

Pinda Sweda massage or Hot Poultice massage 

1 hr | £75 1 hr 15 | £85 1 hr 30 | £105
Heated treatments to soothe muscle tension through an Ayuvedic herbal compress filled with naturally grown Indian herbs, or a Thai herbal compress. Choose between these delicious two herbal bundles both melt away stresses and strains of your daily routine and gently release those muscles. Both treatments have warmed Organic Coconut oil.

Facial Uplift 1 hr | £65

A rejuvenating and invigorating facial massage, the treatment incorporates a blend of Japanese and Indian techniques, these act as a natural facelift, helping you feel and look younger. It’s a gentle non-invasive approach to pro ageing which works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue.Inlight Beauty facial products enhance the facial with 3 scalp massages during the treatment and energy healing help you to deeply relax.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage 1.5 hr | £85

A full body Pregnancy Aromatherapy  massage, mum to be is positioned on her side on the massage couch and supported by Pregnancy pillows for comfort and support. A bespoke blend is created on the day following client consultation, the treatment includes a scalp and facial massage. The treatment is very nurturing and is a much needed time to relax and connect to the new life within and release those pregnancy aches.

Reflexology & Pregnancy Reflexology 1 hr | £55

Reflexology is a therapy that highlights imbalances in different parts of the body. Techniques used on the feet in Reflexology can break down these blockages and help cleanse the body by flushing out toxins. Reflexology is a powerful antidote to stress, neutralising and even preventing its effects. A holistic treatment to relieve a variety of symptoms

The long hour 1 hr | £60 minutes of remedial Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage  -  

Using warm massage oil focusing on the areas of the body where you often hold your stress. The perfect way to relax and ease tension.

Inlight Facial 1 hr 15 | £75

The treatment begins with a hand soak and herb tea ritual, followed by a beautiful facial with Inlight Beauty’s Artisan Facial products, each product is gently swept away with heated steamed towels. The treatment ends with positive affirmations and Reiki Chakra balancing.​


Inlight Body Embrace 1 hr 30 | £95 Inspired by Inlight’s silky Body Oil with Arnica, this total body experience using sweeping spiral movements to relax and soothe to unblock and release your body’s energy. Your therapist will tailor the treatment to your own particular needs, working on individual acupressure points and incorporating crystals to enhance the effect.  You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed from head to heels. 

Inlight menopause uplift treatment 1 hr | £70
This treatment focuses on the legs with its exfoliating and Inlight organic balms they help reduce signs of ageing, stimulate circulation and trigger the natural detoxifying process of the skin.​


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